THORSØNN is a collaboration between a husband and wife team, Halvor Thorsen and Jennifer Valone Thorsen, based in Oslo Norway.  The idea was born when Jennifer, an interior architect, and Halvor, an industrial designer, realised that they had a need and desire for specific products that were not present in the market. They wanted products that functionally satisfy their needs as a growing family, yet aesthetically meet their tastes for simplicity in design. 

Halvor comes from a long tradition of design. His grandfather designed and produced cutlery that their family still use on a daily basis and his father designed industrial products including an outdoor bench that sits in their garden. This idea of designing products that last and are meant to be inherited has been a driving force in the company's attention to detail and quality. Hence the ‘sønn’ at the end of the name.  Sønn is the Norwegian word for son and it refers not only to Halvor as the son of the company but also to the younger generations that are meant to inherit Thorsønn products.

All of our furniture is made in Norway and with as many Norwegian raw components as possible. For example, our standard fabric is from Gudbrandsdalens, a Norwegian producer with a 100 year old history, specializing in wool. It is important to us to use Norwegian craftspeople so that we can ensure the quality of our products and materials, and contribute to maintaining traditional crafts and techniques for future generations.